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Welcome to Colorado Voter Protection !

Colorado Voter Protection is educating, enabling and encouraging citizens to fight for integrity in our election processes on four (4) primary avenues:

  • How to research and challenge the validity of voter registration rolls (data researchers)
  • How to ensure elections are executed according to the law (election workers/poll watchers)
  • How to document election problems so others might advocate legislation to make our election processes less vulnerable to exploitation and fraud
  • How to communicate to voters any progress toward proving election integrity and thus encouraging confidence and participation in our elections.

It is our belief that achieving and proving integrity in our elections will provide citizens with confidence in the results of our elections, confidence in our elected officials, and ultimately, confidence that the proper voice ‘of the people’ is directing our nation.

Our fight will bring together honorable citizens who believe in free and fair elections, regardless of political party affiliation, because, while some of our ideologies may differ, we all still believe in the fundamental truth that ‘we the people’ must drive our nation, not the ‘agenda’ of one party or another.

Once the people’s voice is proven to be directing the actions of our government, our elected officials will be able to reference our evidence, knowing they are acting on behalf of the people and the people can support their elected officials with a stronger belief that those officials understand their directions.

Who is needed?

Each and every United States citizen should be involved.
Every United States Veteran has a duty to be involved, due to the oath we took. Those orders end only at death.

Our constitution begins with ‘We the people…’. Regardless whether your belief is that our constitution is a document never to be changed, or you believe it is a living, evolving document, this initial statement remains resolute in that ‘We the people’ must provide direction.

What is needed?

Citizen involvement. Involvement can be as little as you wish, or as much as you wish.
Involvement can span from organizing and leading entire counties for years at a time to researching data in the registration rolls for 15 minutes from home.

A complete list of involvement opportunities is presented in the Volunteer Opportunities panel at left.

When is this needed?


In 1790, John Philpot Curran, in a speech upon the Right of Election, said “It is the common fate of the [idle] to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and punishment of his guilt.” Or, as I would less eloquently state ‘Free people must always govern, or they will become governed.’

Government is effected by human nature, wherein humanity will always produce those unable to fight for their rights (meek) as well as those who desire power over others (bullies).Human nature also produces another group, who often protect the meek from the bullies, who I will refer to as the ‘protectors’.No one can govern over the meek, unless both the meek and the protectors let them.

In the United States, governmental power is distributed to all the people, thus the elected must govern ‘for’ us, not ‘over’ us.

So, in summary, every election may be attacked by those intending to govern over us, rather than for us.

A plan and schedule for the next election is presented in the ‘Resources’ area of this website. Data research is an on-going effort. Legislative advocacy is a long-term effort. Working an election is a short term, seasonal effort.

Why is this needed?

Since 2000, 46 States have had convictions of election fraud.
ACORN has been found guilty of election manipulation and has been denied federal funding. They subsequently changed their name to Project Vote.
Internal whistle blowers stated that ACORN intended to overwhelm the voter registration rolls in the week before the election so County Clerks would be unable to verify invalid registrations.
Mail-in ballots can be completed and submitted by anyone, with no I.D. required.

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